Driving Success in Automotive Sales and Financing: Introducing BrokerAuto's Tailor-Made ERP by Insoftive

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Welcome to the showcase of BrokerAuto's cutting-edge ERP, exclusively developed by Insoftive. Insoftive takes immense pride in presenting a bespoke solution that empowers BrokerAuto, revolutionizing their automotive sales and financing processes. This showcase will highlight the key features and benefits of the ERP, demonstrating its ability to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and drive growth for BrokerAuto.

Streamlined Automotive Sales

Comprehensive Inventory Management:

  • Real-time tracking and management of vehicle inventory.
  • Integration with the largest online auto marketplace in Germany for seamless inventory sync.
  • Advanced search and filtering options for efficient inventory browsing.

Sales Funnel Optimization:

  • Automated lead generation and management.
  • Integrated CRM for effective customer relationship management.
  • Simplified tracking of sales activities, from initial contact to final purchase.

Customizable Pricing and Discounts:

  • Market-responsive pricing options.
  • Automated calculation of discounts and promotions.
  • Streamlined negotiation and sales contract generation.

Enhanced Automotive Financing

Loan Management:

  • Seamless integration with financial institutions for efficient loan approvals.
  • Automated tracking of loan applications and status updates.
  • Precise loan calculations based on customer profiles and financing terms.

Payment Processing:

  • Secure online payment gateways for seamless transactions.
  • Flexible payment options, including installments and automated reminders.
  • Integration with accounting systems for accurate financial reporting.

Credit Assessment and Risk Management:

  • Integrated credit scoring and assessment tools.
  • Risk management features to mitigate potential defaults.
  • Compliance with financial regulations and data privacy standards.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Real-time Reporting and Dashboards:

  • Interactive dashboards with key performance indicators.
  • Customizable reports for insights into sales, financing, and inventory.
  • Data visualization to identify trends, patterns, and opportunities.

Forecasting and Predictive Analytics:

  • Data-driven predictions for sales trends and customer preferences.
  • Inventory optimization to reduce costs and maximize profits.
  • Smart recommendations for pricing, promotions, and marketing strategies.

Data Security and Compliance:

  • Robust data encryption and access controls.
  • Compliance with industry standards (e.g., GDPR, CCPA).
  • Regular security audits and vulnerability assessments.

Integration with Leading Online Marketplaces

Largest Online Auto Marketplace in Romania:

  • Seamless integration with Romania's largest online auto marketplace.
  • Automatic synchronization of inventory for improved visibility and reach.
  • Increased exposure to a wide range of potential customers.

Largest Online Auto Marketplace in Germany:

  • Effortless integration with Germany's largest online auto marketplace.
  • Streamlined inventory synchronization to maximize market presence.
  • Access to a vast customer base, boosting sales opportunities.

By leveraging the integration with these prominent automotive online marketplaces, BrokerAuto's ERP powered by Insoftive expands its market reach and taps into a larger pool of potential buyers. This strategic implementation ensures enhanced visibility, increased sales prospects, and a competitive edge in both the Romanian and German automotive markets.


Insoftive's bespoke ERP solution for BrokerAuto revolutionizes automotive sales and financing operations. By harnessing advanced features such as streamlined inventory management, integration with the largest online auto marketplace in Germany, optimized sales funnels, enhanced financing processes, and robust analytics, BrokerAuto gains a competitive edge in the automotive industry. The ERP's flexibility, scalability, and seamless integration with the online auto marketplace empower BrokerAuto to expand their reach, increase efficiency, and provide exceptional customer experiences. With Insoftive's ERP, BrokerAuto is poised to drive success in automotive sales and financing, setting new standards for the industry.

The application developed by Insoftive for BrokerAuto, helped us to save time and to dose our efforts efficiently. Since we've been using it, we've managed to have an assembly picture of the company and the activities of each department in real time, allowing us to make prompt decisions to increase the company's productivity.

Through it we can manage all the needs of the business from a single program that we can access from anywhere, anytime and from any device. The Insoftive team has always treated all our requests with seriousness, professionalism and promptness and provided us with all the software updates. We highly recommend their product and services.

Claudiu Ghita
Claudiu Ghita
Executive Manager

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