Empowering Architectural Excellence: A Comprehensive ERP Solution for KXL

Industry: Engineering and Architecture


As one of the leading architecture firms in Romania, KXL Studio has been at the forefront of delivering innovative and visionary architectural solutions. As the company expanded its portfolio and undertook diverse projects, they faced challenges in managing their operations efficiently. To overcome these obstacles and enhance their business processes, KXL partnered with Insoftive to develop and implement a tailor-made ERP solution.

The Challenge

KXL encountered several key challenges in their day-to-day operations:

Optimal Project Management:

  • Allocating the right teams to projects and tracking their productivity proved to be a challenge, leading to potential delays and resource mismanagement.

Comprehensive Financial Control:

  • KXL faced difficulties in efficiently managing finances, tracking project costs, and ensuring optimal treasury control.

Efficient Client and Contract Management:

  • The absence of a centralized system for client data and contract details created communication gaps and hindered effective client relationship management.

Lack of Advanced Analytics:

  • The absence of advanced analytics tools made it challenging for management to gain quick insights into various departments' performance and make data-driven decisions.

Insoftive's ERP Solution:

Insoftive worked closely with KXL's team to design and develop a customized ERP solution that catered to their specific requirements. The ERP system incorporated the following key functionalities:

Project Management with Advanced Team Allocation:

  • The ERP solution included a robust project management module, empowering KXL's project managers to create, monitor, and track project timelines, milestones, and deliverables. Advanced team allocation tools facilitated efficient resource assignment based on skills, availability, and project demands, ensuring optimal talent utilization.

Clocking Tools for Productivity and Efficiency:

  • To enhance productivity and efficiency across all projects, Insoftive implemented clocking tools within the ERP system. Employees could effortlessly log their work hours, providing real-time data for project progress and resource allocation.

Financial Management and Treasury Control:

  • The ERP solution integrated comprehensive financial management capabilities, enabling KXL to manage budgets, expenses, and invoicing with ease. The treasury control module facilitated cash flow management, ensuring financial stability and liquidity.

Clients and Contracts Management:

  • With a centralized repository for client data and contract details, the ERP system streamlined communication and enhanced effective client relationship management.

HR Management:

  • The HR management module simplified workforce management, providing KXL access to employee records, performance evaluations, training needs, and attendance data. This centralized system improved HR processes and enhanced workforce planning.

Advanced Analytics:

  • Insoftive's ERP solution incorporated advanced analytics tools, offering real-time insights into company performance for data-driven decision-making. Interactive data visualization and comprehensive reports empowered management to optimize operations across all departments.

Results and Benefits

The implementation of Insoftive's ERP solution brought significant results and benefits for KXL, empowering their architectural excellence and enhancing overall business performance:

Streamlined Operations:

  • Insoftive's ERP solution streamlined various business processes, reducing manual efforts and enhancing overall operational efficiency. This optimization allowed KXL's team to focus more on core architectural tasks and deliver superior solutions to their clients.

Enhanced Project Management:

  • With advanced team allocation and clocking tools, KXL achieved seamless project planning and resource utilization. Project managers could efficiently allocate the right talent to projects, resulting in timely deliveries and improved project outcomes.

Improved Financial Control:

  • The ERP's comprehensive financial management capabilities provided KXL with better control over budgets, expenses, and invoicing. Treasury control features ensured financial stability, enabling KXL to make informed financial decisions.

Strengthened Client Relations:

  • With a centralized system for clients and contracts management, KXL improved communication and client relationship management. The streamlined process fostered stronger partnerships and increased client satisfaction.

Optimized HR Management:

  • The HR management module simplified workforce management and improved HR planning. KXL's HR team could access employee records, performance evaluations, and training needs more efficiently, resulting in enhanced employee satisfaction and a productive work environment.

Data-Driven Decision-making:

  • Insoftive's ERP solution provided advanced analytics tools that offered real-time insights into company performance. Interactive data visualization and comprehensive reports empowered management to make data-driven decisions, contributing to the company's continued growth and success.


Insoftive's ERP solution successfully empowered KXL's operations, enabling the company to manage projects, finances, HR, and client relations more efficiently. With the implementation of this comprehensive ERP system, KXL has further solidified its position as one of the leading architecture firms in Romania, continuing to deliver architectural excellence and innovation to its clients.

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