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The only social media workflow tool that does the content strategy and empowers any brand to build and manage its social media content strategy, from the very first spark of an idea.

Qube app is where content ideation, content strategy for social media, and social media scheduling meet. It empowers the less experienced and it’s a time saver for the professionals.


Building the tool to manage all your social media presence whether you are a freelancer or an agency.


Thousands of hours of work, development, design, testing and the succes is there.



All the strategic planning is happening through agendas, papers, Word documents, Excel tables or other platforms that are limited in the set of actions which can be made. For instance, a beauty salon can organize and plan the social media content through a physical calendar where ideas are hand-written, which significantly reduces the efficiency of the creative process. Once the beauty salon’s team shapes the content ideas, they need to add the specific footage into folders, create tables for content and hashtag planning, and then to manually post or schedule publishing dates through third parties.

Using qube will undoubtedly benefit the business or individual as it provides the framework, tools, strategic direction, and workflow to keep up with the social media objectives. On top of offering these organization and strategic tools, qube helps the user maintain or create (if it’s non-existent) a consistent online presence which will lead to growth in reach, impressions, followers and awareness. The more consistent and in line with a well-defined strategy the digital presence is, the bigger the chances at growing across social media networks.

Based on API integration, already validated by Facebook and Instagram, Qube will use the data acquired from the permissions to allow the qube app’s user to manage the community of the brand they own or are in charge of on Facebook. Qube app will help a brand’s owner or social media manager, an influencer or an agency, to manage its community with ease, in one place, alongside other features such as content strategy creation.


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We talked to several companies in order to make sure we are getting the right team for our project. We chose Insoftive in the end because they seemed to be the most responsive (we all hate it when your supplier doesn’t pick up the phone - it is the most annoying thing ever) and well experienced, they seemed true professionals. Of course, it proved not only to be the appearance but how they operate on a daily basis. We couldn’t have been happier and we believe we were lucky to get to work with them.

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Sinziana Vladutu & Tori Popescu

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